It’s Been a While

Hello again my fellow bloggers. It has been a while since my last entry. For that I apoligize. A lot of things have occured in the past few months or so that requied more of my attention. So much that I couldn’t spare the time to blog. And when I did have the time, I couldn’t think of anything to write about. But now I’m back in the game.

So from here on out, I’ll be blogging like I used to, if not, then a whole lot more than I used to.


Lyrics I’m Feeling

Seether: Fine Again

It seems like every day’s the same
and I’m left to discover on my own
It seems like everything is gray
and there’s no color to behold
They say it’s over and I’m fine again, yeah
Try to stay sober feels like I’m dying here

And I am aware now of how
everything’s gonna be fine one day
Too late, I’m in hell I am prepared now,
seems everyone’s gonna be fine
One day too late, just as well

I feel the dream in me expire
and there’s no one left to blame it on
I hear you label me a liar
‘cause I can’t seem to get this through
You say it’s over, I can sigh again, yeah
Why try to stay sober when I’m dying here

And I am aware now of how
everything’s gonna be fine one day
Too late, I’m in hell
I am prepared now,
seems everyone’s gonna be fine
One day too late; just as well

And I’m not scared now.
I must assure you,
you’re never gonna get away
And I’m not scared now.
And I’m not scared now. No…

I am aware now of how
everything’s gonna be fine one day
Too late, I’m in hell
I am prepared now
seems everyone’s gonna be fine
One day too late, just as well
I am prepared now,
seems everything’s gonna be fine for me
For me; for myself.
For me, for me, for myself
For me, for me, for myself

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is… … … no not my two front teeth. Sorry. I wanted my two front teeth back when I was about five or six in hope that I could whistle like the song says. I indeed still have my two front teeth, and yet I am unable to whistle. Grrr….

It is now nine days till Christmas, (the time this blog was written), and I have completed half of my shopping. It is kind of frustrating b/c I wanted to have all my shopping completed around this time, but at least I got the most important ones out the way.

The question that everyone asks me is “What do you want for Christmas?” I never manage to come up with an answer. I guess cause, after I turned 17, I stop expecting gifts because I had the money to get what I wanted myself. I cannot even think up something to tell my parents what I want. They are not sure what to give a 21-year-old, since I am the oldest child and first to leave the nest. So to help the situation, I thought I’d write up a Christmas wish list. Here is what I came up w/.

  1. Guitar Hero Rock 80’s or Aerosmith for PS2
  2. A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection DVD Set
  3. Friday the 13th Collection DVD Set
  4. Shot Glasses
  5. Jimi Hendrix Cigarette Case
  6. Cam-Corder
  7. Desk-Top
  8. Bottle of Vodka
  9. RHCP Concert Tickets
  10. Chocolate

If I were to have just number 4, number 8, and number 10, it would most defenatley be a holly jolly Christmas, LOL.

Quarantine: Movie Review

I just got through watching Quarantine just a moment ago. And I must say that it was not half bad. It was actually kind of good in my opinion.

For those who are unfamiliar about the movie Quarantine, allow me to set up the story. A television reporter and her camera guy attempt to film a video on a day in life of firemen. When the firemen are on the call of duty, they report to a housing facility where apparently screams have escaped from the apartment of an old lady, and the residents fear that she is hurt or in pain. The old lady is in fact infected with a virus that ends up spreading throughout the building.

Everyone ends up trapped inside the building, that has been quarantined by the CDC, with no where to go as the disease spreads.

Quarantine Trailer

I flinched, covered my mouth in shock, and laughed while watching this movie. It wasn’t scary, but more shocking and entertaining. I do recommend this movie for anyone and everyone. I was just informed that this movie is indeed an American remake of a film entitled REC, that which is filmed in spanish. I have yet to see this movie, but I am sure to find it and watch it in the near future and compare it to Quarantine.

REC Trailer

My New Addiction

I am at my mother’s house for the Thanksgiving holiday. I sat down at her computer to play a game of “free cell.” After I successfully completed three rounds of free cell, I decided to check the content of my mother’s computer. I noticed another set of games in another folder, that’s when I saw Diner Dash.

I had always been curious about that game. I have heard of it, though I have never played it before. I clicked on the Diner Dash icon, created a new file to my name, and started up the game. The screen went black for about three seconds before the main menu flashed upon the screen.

I selected “Flo’s Career,” guessing that since I had never played the game before that the smart thing to do was go through mission and hopefully get a tutorial first, and that is when it happened.

As soon as I started, I was hooked. I played nonstop, determined to get to the next level. My nephew sat in the living room with me on his XBOX 360, looking over my shoulder, and laughing periodically at my reactions whenever I lost a mission because I didn’t seat or serve impatient customers fast enough. It was fun, it was exhilarating, until  I ran out of free trails.

I thought of it to download a free version of Diner Dash from the Internet, but seeing as my mother has to result to having dial-up, she doesn’t live close enough to any major cities to get high speed, I would have to wait a total 7 hours for the download to complete, and I don’t have much patience.

Then I thought of it to go to Wal-Mart and see if they had Diner Dash in stock, but seeing as the store as small as the town that is set in, I couldn’t find the game in inventory as I would have if I were to go to a Super Wal-Mart.

My paitence is wearing thin. I need that game and I need it now. A friend advised me to try GameSTOP or Gamecrazy. All I know is if I don’t find that game soon, I’m gonna start a riot. *chuckle*

If You Love Me…buy me CANDY

If you love me, you’ll buy me candy

No flowers
No jewelry
No shoes
just candy

No roses
No lilies
No orchids
but candy

No diamond ring
No antique necklace
No gold chain
I prefer candy

No Gucci boots
No Prada pumps
No Chanel sandals
I want candy!

If you love me, you’ll buy me candy

Chocolate bars
Hershey’s kisses
Milk Duds
Yes Candy!

Rainbow Skittles
Gummy Bears
Jelly beans
Mmm Candy!

Bubble gum
Chocolate covered cherries

If you love me, you’ll buy me candy
If you really love me…you’ll make this tummy ache go away.

: )

A Little Help Here?

Last night at work, the shift began at 9:30 that evening. It started off with the customary three minute meeting, discussing the usual, the scanning percentage of our previous work day, safety issues, teamwork, change in schedule, and all that jazz.  After the meeting we  proceeded  on over to our areas, the belt started up and we began working the shift.

After about three and half hours into the workday, I began to feel myself overwhelmed with a lot of my assigned freight, and I wasn’t the only one. We were unloading two trucks at once, and one just happened to be loaded Houston freight. So here I am, buried deep in boxes and packages. I’m thinking to myself, “The lead sees how backed up I am, maybe he will come down and give me a hand.” WRONG! He proceeded to stand around, spinning in circles to share gossip with some of our fellow co-workers. Which is fine, because, hell that’s all you can expect from him.

I cleared my area within a matter of fifteen minutes to half an hour and was back on track. I just knew that after the gentleman that was working utility would move my full pallets, and bring me fresh ones to start over, I would be able to catch up.

When the shift ended, I wrapped up the last of my pallets, disconnected my scanner, and ambled up to the top of the belt to clock out. Just as I was about to swipe my card, I noticed more that half of the shift workers were up front helping Mrs. Barbra with the TXX/SXX Xerox freight. It just looked like mountains and mountains of boxes everywhere. So instead of clocking out like I planned, I decided to help. I have worked TXX/SXX before, and trust me when I say, it is HELL!

I was kind of annoyed throughout the whole process, because as myself and a my co-workers were helping Mrs. Barbra, one of the leads was bitching about how much he wanted to go home, and he was just standing there looking at us. The leads and the supervisors are not permitted to leave until the floor is picked up.  Then after they look at the scanning records, they go home. I was thinking to myself, “If you want to go home so bad, then come over and give us a hand instead of standing there, doing nothing, glaring and talking smack.” But being who he is, I didn’t expect much from him. Of course the other lead and the supervisor were too busy carrying on a conversation amongst themselves to be worried about what progress we were making with getting the freight picked up.

It took us an extra hour and forty-five minutes to get all the SXX/TXX freight double scanned, stacked, and wrapped. It would have took less time if we had a little bit more help from the spectators. But hey, I’m not complaining, hell I got a little bit more time on my next paycheck.

The AMA’s

Since everyone here is posting their favorite performances from last night’s AMA’s, I thought “what the hey! why not!” and decided to post my favorite performance.

I think that the AMA’s really ended with a BANG with Alicia Key’s performance of “Superwoman.” She is so beautiful and talented, just amazing.

I also like it how Queen Latifah and Kathleen Battle were invited to join in singing Superwoman. Three different woman, one an R&B singer, one a rapper, and one an opera singer singing together in unity as Superwomen.

Twilight: How it Should Have Been (Video)

SO anyways, I am not hearing that many good reviews about this movie Twilight that was unintelligently dubbed “the best vampire movie ever!” which is ten thousand percent false because Interview with the Vampire is the best vampire movie ever. I have not seen the movie yet, but I am reading the books. From what I hear, the movie was a big disappointment. That’s probably b/c the movie should have been like this. Here is a Twilight Trailer Spoof. courtesy of EvilIguanaProduction from Chicago, IL. Video from youtube. Enjoy

Across the Universe: Come Together (Video)

I have heard several versions of the song “Come Together.” I have heard The Beatles’s (what I believe to be), original version, I have heard Soundgarden’s rock cover version, I have even heard Micheal Jackson’s incoherent version, and yet have zero to little understanding as to what the song means…until I saw “Across the Universe.”

Setting up the Scene:

The middle-aged African American male has just got off the bus with his guitar, escaping the horrible acts of violence, destruction, and death of a young boy that plagued his neighborhood. He walks to a bar to audition for a job as a supporting guitar player for a rock band with a female lead vocalist, who ends up being his landlord and love interest. As he is walking to to his audition, trying to find peace through the only way he knows, music, the people of the neighborhood start singing “Come Together.” Not just any people, but prostitutes, pimps, bums, businessmen, random pedestrians. People from every class, high and low. What does that tell us?

It tells us that no matter who we are and what we do, we are all the same in one way or another. We are all people of the human race, and as a people there is no reason why we shouldn’t come together.

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